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Velamma Episode 6 Pdf Free Download Hindi redwar




Episode 6 (December 11, 2018) Kirtu is asked by Indra, the king, to keep his father in the palace because he has an urgent request to make. Meanwhile, Kirtu promises Shiva that he will return to check on Rudra after his examination. Anjali is excited when she sees that her big brother is preparing for his examination. When Anjali goes to tell her mother about her brother, she learns that Kirtu has left. Anjali gets scared and asks her mother to stay awake because she knows that Kirtu would come back. The next morning, Shiva learns from Ganga that Kirtu has been kidnapped. They learn that he went to Shiva to learn about the answers to the questions given to him by Indra. Ganga and Shiva go to the palace to rescue Kirtu, but find out that he has been taken to a different location. They go back to Shiva's home, but they don't find Kirtu there. Shiva has a clue from the answer of one of the questions given to Kirtu. Shiva tells Ganga and Anjali that Kirtu was kidnapped by his enemy to get the answers to the questions. Ganga and Anjali run to the palace to save Kirtu, but they are stopped by Rudra and his men. Shiva tells Rudra that if he helps him, Rudra will be his brother forever. Shiva asks Rudra to help him get back his brother's friend. Rudra agrees to help Shiva, but asks him why he didn't ask for his help earlier. Shiva tells him that since they came to ask for help from him, he must give it to them. When Shiva asks Rudra for help, Rudra doesn't agree immediately. Shiva tells him to help him quickly because he doesn't know how much time he has. Rudra agrees to help Shiva, and sends his men to help him. After Kirtu, Shiva, Ganga, and Anjali rescue Rudra, Kirtu offers Shiva to keep his father in the palace as a dowry for Shiva's marriage. However, Shiva tells Kirtu that he is a leader and that he shouldn't worry about his father's wellbeing. The other kings come to Shiva's home and offer him jewels and horses for his marriage. The king of Delhi gives Shiva an elephant for his marriage. The wedding arrangements are going on when Kirtu arrives with Rudra, and Shiva and Ganga accept



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Velamma Episode 6 Pdf Free Download Hindi redwar

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